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About Me

Rosemary Allison,

or Rosemary Dawn Allison is a writer, painter, illustrator, translator (from Italian into English) and sometimes trainer of horses as in basic training for riding out on the land. She has been living in Italy for quite some time, she seems to be too embarrassed to say for how long.

Born in Jamaica her colors are those of the tropics and you will find that some of her paintings of Italy or other places and subjects swing between Gauguin’s brilliant colors and the muted palette of the fifteenth century.

As a writer she has been keeping a diary for as long as she can remember. She has also been writing works, sometimes based on folklore and mythology or ripped straight from the reality of every day life. In time we shall be sharing some of her writings with you for the price of a cup of coffee.

As a translator she has been translating a wide-variety of books and you can go to the translated books page and see some of her favorites. You can also contact her for an estimate if you have anything to be translated from Italian into English.

Introduction to paintings

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