Books Translated by Rosemary

CategoryBookAuthor's nameWhere you can find itBook Notes
Young AdultsThe World of TbotIvan MigliozziAmazonI enjoyed this creative book. A book of science fiction adventure  for children, but also for adults: a book that is for anyone who wants to continue to dream of a fantastic adventure.
Young AdultsStellaMaurizio RodolfiItunesOur world, the Waking World is threatened by the King of the Nightmares. Only a wise girl can save us.
For ChildrenFlyaway TalesStefano AmadeiAmazonA mix of songs, riddles and fairy tales for young people.
RomanceDuelAmneris Di Caesar

Love is a Duel that is always in equilibrium between passion and jealousy, trust and disbelief. And Stefania will find that she has to choose whether to follow her destiny to the soundtrack of a thrilling summer song or the book plot that marked the beginning of a passion that is not entirely finished.
RomanceMysterious is the heartItunesOrlando has been commissioned to do a work and he has Elvira as the subject to inspire the basis of something that could return soul and joy of two people who believe to have lost them irredeemably.
ComedySanaben – A therapeutic product for living wellLorenzo BonanniItunes
The intention of the book is to make our lives easier to help us understand who we are and where we came from and the instincts that motivate us.
Crime and HorrorA Shimmering LightTomaso NigrisAmazonA Shimmering Light is an Italian mystery novel. The story follows a path that is a little unusual in that the same episode is told by several main characters from different perspectives, illustrating how reality and truth may take on tonalities and colors, according to the different points of view. Someone dies; an American Commissioner is on vacation in a sunlit village in Puglia.
Crime and HorrorFreshwater VeniceCristina LattaroItunesWhite pebbles custodians of drowned souls through time. A medium missing for years and a band of criminals sucked into a visionary vortex that drags all towards the obscure depths illuminated by the reflections of a still living past. A story as liquied as the river around which it  winds, where quiet is only an illusion; an illusion that spares no one, not even the reader, in the succession of twists and revelations.
Crime and HorrorThe Other Light In The DarkCristina LattaroAmazon
Lorna Assi disappeared as she left the Nappa farm near Rieti where she worked as a home help. Her brother Fabrizio returned from Russia to investigate. His past, the jobs he’d carried out for years for a mafia boss from the former Soviet Union and Lorna’s reality fit together in an intricate puzzle that Rinaldi, a commissioner in the Highway Patrol, is also seeking to resolve. A thriller where exploration of the mental labyrinth intersects with the action until the epilogue illuminated by the other light in the dark.
Crime and HorrorSoul RavagerCesarino Bellini ArtioliItunes

Barnes and Noble
In the mid-nineteenth century, Samuel, an English boy of noble birth, becomes aware that he is a e bearer of a curse that has condemned his lineage to premature death for centuries. He will discover the destiny that awaits him when, persecuted by nightmares that are too real, he will investigate the origins of his dynasty, risking his life against the ghosts from the past.
Crime and HorrorA Day Like YesterdayEmiliano D'AlessandroAmazonA found manuscript opens the door to the inaccessible theme of the pursuance of truth at all costs. In another era, gossip, envy and scandals trace the telling of this allegorical and intangible novel, like the protagonists with their distorted masks. A stout provincial physician, a blacksmith, a priest, a pharmacist, a young married couple, a young girl ... and a deceptive parade of evidence and denials, brings us at a completely unexpected conclusion.
International Rural DevelopmentThe Rural Development Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cooperation with the European Union: United Republic of TanzaniaJohannes Maria De LucaItunes
This book represents a useful compendium for political scientists and professionals, scholars of the African continent and the evolution of bilateral relations with Europe. It is for those who are interested in updating and deepening the dynamics and characteristics of the European Union's Foreign Policy and Rural Development Policies in Tanzania and their evolution within the East Africa Community.
Introspection and PhilosophicalThe House on the Lock – IntrospectionAndrea CalòAmazonWisdom is enclosed in the heart of each one of us. Serves only courage to bring it out.
Introspection and PhilosophicalThinking Freely An Endless JourneyAntonio BalzaniAmazonI really enjoyed translating this book, it is a ramble through a man's life, autobiographical, a scientist and an observant writer.
HistoricalAlvimarDario TesserAmazon
The  story of an ordinary girl who becomes an entrepreneur in the printing industry. This is a historical novel set in Italy just before and during the Second World War.

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