Yellow is the colour of the sky

Before I begin to write about the colour yellow, I think I should say something about the new privacy rules in Europe. We abide by them. The only data collected will be on those who wish to order a painting printed on paper or canvas, and for that you will have to use...


Here we are with orange, a startling or subtle mix of red and yellow. I like orange as much as any other colour, but I find oranges difficult to paint, so I need to concentrate on that some more. I think that using orange means being able to use a subtle or strong...
Colours of the Rainbow

Colours of the Rainbow

Many years ago, when I was still very small, I was told that if I wanted to remember the colours of the rainbow I could learn a few words, which were these: “Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain”. So of course when I did find a rainbow I was amazed to discover that the...

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